Think Twice

Friday, August 2, 2013

This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by the following photo.


[ another head hangs lowly ]

Streetlight Girl with…

Laptop Bag or Wardrobe-in-a-bag?

Hunched Teenager:

Angsty or starved?

Mother and baby –

How long sidewalk-mired?

“Another head hangs lowly” –

“Another day for you and me in paradise.”



*NB: Zombie is one of my all-time favorite songs: to play and to sing. [I got to perform it at the Hard Rock Cafe once, so very very good memories attached to it! ] I initially fell in love with the song because of the feel of the song and that its backstory is haunting: It was written by the band The Cranberries as a protest song in memory of two boys who were killed in bombings by the Provisional Irish Republican Army in 1993. If you want to know more, you can read more about the bombings here. It will make you appreciate the song that much more. Also, for anyone who missed it, and in explanation of my note, the picture used for this weekend’s prompt is titled “another head hangs lowly”, the intro line of the song Zombie.

…also, Another Day in Paradiseby Phil Collins, needs no explanation.

Plants vs Zombies

After months of waiting, I finally got to spend some time bonding with my brother recently. And what better way to bond with a brother than Plants vs Zombies? Drafting up plans of attack while consolidating our three main lines of defense, we watched with bated breath as the pedantic zombies were beheaded and fell to the ground with the grace of artists, lacking the imagination to change their straight-on attack strategy(?).

Three days and several hard-won battles later, we have finally won the war, thanks to the never-fading vitality and potency of peas. And maybe of our relationship as well.

In response to Trifecta’s weekly writing competition: