Ender-Soundtrack-Related Shivers

As I write this, I am listening to the Ender’s Game official soundtrack, which moviefone.com has been so kind as to put online for the benefit of fans the likes of me. As I listen, my brain is working overtime. This is a general idea of what’s going on:

1. Playing a track.

2. Frantically trying to find a soundtrack they’re ripped off so that I won’t hear an accusation later from someone else (after I’ve listened and gotten to love it).

3. Actually listening to it.

4. Shivering as each track reaches crescendo.

5. Sporadically reliving the book, taking hints from the track title, and imagining the scene playing to this music.

6. Repeating #5, but imagining myself in the theater. I can feel the booms and cracks from the speaker reverberating in my chest, I kid you not. Way to go, Jablonsky.

7. Trying and running to read the book again. Failing because the music and my mental imagery overpowers me. [Try listening to Track 08: Mind Game Part 2 without seeing the body of the giant and Ender’s character walking through to the tower room. And feeling his emotions when he sees what he sees there. I dare you.]

8. Wrapping myself up in a shawl because it’s suddenly too cold.

9. Repeat for next track.

I SO cannot wait for November 1st.