Broken Heels and Sexist Jokes


She found what she was looking for, one day too late.


“Argh, where’d that stupid sock go?” Janet groaned, digging through her sock drawer for the fourth time. She could find one of her black socks. The heel of one of her favorite pair of stilettos had snapped last Thursday, so she had to wear trousers and shoes to work again today.The only clean pair  left were her red ones, and those just wouldn’t do for the company briefing she had to attend.


“Ms. Brown,” coughed the client as she rushed in, cheeks flushed, half an hour late. Everyone was staring. Crap. She could feel everyone staring at her feet. She gritted her teeth. She had a feeling today’s entertainment over coffee would be sexist jokes.


Kicking off her shoes, eyes full of loathing, she barreled into the laundry room, stuffing the offending socks into the washing machine along with the rest of the load, and hurled herself onto the couch, stuffing her face with two-minute noodles. Stupid black sock. Had to pick today to go missing.


Next morning was Saturday. Around twelve, she finally got up. She’d promised Sue she’d meet her for lunch today. Digging through the dryer for her white blouse, she accidentally stepped on something soft. It was a solitary black sock. She moaned; she found what she was looking for, one day too late.