That Dream Again


Today’s Prompt:

Everyone said it was just a recurring dream, but he was sure it was more.

It wasn’t anything particularly threatening or scary. His shoe always got stuck on a piece of Dubble Bubble in the middle of the playground tarmac. No one would notice – it wasn’t one of those dreams where everyone made fun of you and embarrassed you. He’d just be done running the mile and step onto the tar to stretch. He’d touch his toes a couple of times, and then he’d move towards the grass to sit down – except that he couldn’t. He’d be stuck just where he was, twisting his shoe, then straining, then finally using both arms to tug on his leg. But the gum wouldn’t let go. He’d dreamed the same dream seven times in the last three weeks. Everyone said it was just a recurring dream, but he was sure it was more.

Today he was determined to put an end to his fears once and for all. He ran the mile as fast as he could and strode over to the tarmac to where he’d always seen the gum in his dreams. Nothing. A feeling of empowerment suddenly coursed through him as he touched his toes. His face split into an ear-to-ear grin. He was free. They were right – it had just been a recurring dream. He turned towards the gate beyond the grass. Time to leave. Somehow it felt like he was moving in slow motion – just like in the movies. Shaking his head, still smiling in victory, he purposefully turned to leave – except that he couldn’t. His foot was stuck to the ground, trapped by Dubble Bubble.

Red and Gold

Your Daily Theme 

for June 20
Opening Line
I snatched the mask from his face. “You?! It was you all along?!”
Use this line as inspiration for a short story or poem.
He smiled and took my hands in his. “Of course. I wondered how long it would take you to recognize me.”

“But…,” I spluttered. “This doesn’t make sense – we’re from different universes.”

“So?” Still that serene smile, constant as ever.

“How are you here?” I asked softly, looking up at his worn face.

“You needed me.”

I swallowed. “Will you…can you stay?”

“As long as you need me,” he said. “I’ll stay as long as you remember me.”

“That, I will.” I gingerly touched his scar. “Always.”

I woke up to the brilliant red and gold sunrise. Thank you.

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