One More Chapter

Trifextra: Week 101




Just one more chapter,

Just one last look;

I’ll concentrate harder,

Forget what this took:

A childhood of isolation,

Adolescence in pain,

Young adulthood in abstinence,

Can’t let it have been in vain.


*N.B: My inspiration: Studying for entrance exams as a student.

Photo credit: Thomas Leuthard / / CC BY

23 comments on “One More Chapter

  1. Yes ,pursuing one’s dream with a single mindedness would do the protagonist good for she seems to have beaten huge odds to reach where she is today.Brilliantly executed:-)

  2. Oh wow, I totally misread this. Good thing for comments. I understood the woman to be a writer, determined to crank out her books, to avoid distraction. That whole “nobody who writes had a happy childhood” thing? That she was pouring her past onto the pages of her book. Hmmm. Either way, same message. Great job with the prompt!

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