Daily Prompt: Far from Home

July 15, 2013

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DISTANCE.

When you’re miles away from home

And everything is so strange that

You need to cry alone

That’s distance.

And when you sit

Next to them and they

Look away and so do you too

You feel the distance; they’re distant.

When you’re arguing your side of the story

But they refuse to understand, and

Instead re-repeat their side for

At least the seventh time,

Or better still:

Rant about





Just to get to rant,

You feel lip-quiveringly

Distant from them. And you feel

Like crying. And sometimes

You do.


You need something

To throw, anything that would

Make noise; Shatter into a million shards

And increase the entropy of the room,

Transfer it from inside of you,

Out. But you know that

This too shall pass.

So you don’t.

Instead you break

Something that won’t stay

Broken, or at least not visibly.

Instead you break the only thing that

Should be broken, deserves to be broken.

It’s just skin anyway. It can grow back.

The distraction and the abject relief

Sting and soothe together,

And sleep intervenes.

Next morning

Is a new day

And it’s quiet.

The sky is clearer

And it may be bad,

And distances increase,

But they also do


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