Paula Deen’s Mistake

Daily Prompt: No, Thank You

June 22, 2013

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?


The first thing that popped into my mind on seeing this was that I’d love to ban a few racial slurs. I happened to click on this link []  today when it came up on my Facebook feed as I was scrolling.

The article and the video only mention that Paula Deen, someone noteworthy in her field, had used a certain racial slur, and was under media fire for it; also  her contract was not going to be renewed. Although I was dismayed by the fact that people still use racial slurs in this day and age, I couldn’t figure out why there had been such a strong reaction to it that it became Upworthy-worthy until I read the copy of the legal papers at the bottom of the page.

The brief talks about the blatant and, frankly, disgusting sexism and racism that was shown to a Ms. Jackson during her tenure as manager at a restaurant under Deen. The description of the verbal, mental and physical assault of Jackson made me shudder and feel dirty; dirty because I am a part of the same human race that both perpetuates such acts and allows them to continue unchecked. I admit that prejudice is sometimes inherited, and that I am lucky to have grown up in surroundings that permit free thinking and encourage equality, but I believe there comes a point beyond which no prejudice can account for our mistreatment of our fellow beings, human or otherwise, on Earth.

I strongly encourage anyone and everyone reading this to please have a look at the copy of the legal complaint I have mentioned above. We may not all be in a position to help out those being harassed, but we can at least attempt to remain aware of their struggles; if knowledge is power, and with great power comes great responsibility, then surely to remain ignorant is to willfully shirk responsibility?

8 comments on “Paula Deen’s Mistake

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  6. While filing a legal complaint gives one power…it may be misused. I’m not saying Ms. Jackson was wrong, but that maybe she has padded the truth? I’ve seen some of Paula Deen’s show and several of her guests that were not just southern belles. But people of various heritages that she treated with great respect and honor.

    While my father he should rest, attempted in his life to not be prejudice, when he felt safe and among friends he probably used inappropriate language – and today everything seems to be inappropriate to someone. I think too much is being made of Paula Deen’s honesty. She was asked a question and didn’t lie. Unlike some former presidents who shall we say didn’t tell the whole truth and got away with deviant behaviours.

    Suffering on any account is not fair. Discrimination of any kind is ugly. And using scare tactics and blackmail isn’t ‘kosher’ either. I just am one to not believe everything the internet puts out. And I don’t believe everything written on paper is written in stone either.

    Will the truth ever come out? Doesn’t matter now does it as the damage has been done – and that could be taked for either woman’s side. I hope both women get what they diserve. Maybe lock the two of them in a room in opposite corners tied to chairs and work it out, and they can’t leave until they ‘make nice’.

    • Yes, it is hard to figure out what is or isn’t true online. But reading the document I’ve mentioned, I think even if it’s been exaggerated as you said, even if only half of it is true, it’s still cause for alarm.

      It’s one thing using inappropriate language when with friends and another thing entirely to morph into someone who condones and perpetrates blatant racism and sexism when you know no one’s looking and there’ll be no ramifications. That’s the problem I had with her. There’s a certain standard of behavior that you cannot cross when dealing with human beings. It’s less the fact that she said the N-word onscreen, and more the revelation of this incongruent behavior of hers that bothered me so much.

  7. Her situation was quite shocking to learn about. Especially of how her “best friend” employee who had taught her most of her best recipes was still living in a very small home, although she was living in wealth.

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