Love Until Injustice Do Us Part

Daily Prompt: Tagline

June 19, 2013

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?


Like everyone else in the world, I have my moods, and different parts of me surface around different people. Still, there are a few basic traits that I carry with me into every setting and scenario, and I’m guessing that’s a safe way to define the basic parameters of my personality and design a tagline. So here goes: I would like to believe that I am open-minded and give others the benefit of the doubt as far as is reasonable. I also tend to be open – I will tell you “I can’t tell you”, but I will not lie, whence springs my great dislike for hypocrisy and injustice. And, as loath as I am to admit it, I can forgive just about anything, but once my limits of forgiveness have been crossed, I detach myself. I will still care, but not allow myself to depend on the person concerned anymore. So, my tagline?


love until injustice do us part

9 comments on “Love Until Injustice Do Us Part

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