Praising the Sun

My first attempt at writing haibun. This week’s 2 Līgo Haībun prompts are:-

The sun      [or]     Childhood memory of summer camps

I picked the sun to write about.

Why does anyone like the sun? What is there to like about something that harshly oppresses the multitudes with waves of dehydrating, scorching light? Maybe it is poets’ fault for praising it so much – merely because it opens flowerbuds and serves as a figurative “next” to Winter’s unforgiving ice. Maybe it is Winter’s fault for cruelly leaving the destitute to freeze in nothing but their bones. Or maybe it is mine, for living in places so hot the novelty has worn off, as has my skin.

heat waves  accrue

parched men lying listless

the shivering pray


13 comments on “Praising the Sun

  1. I enjoyed this very much. I now live in a four season climate. But have visited places where it is hot all the time. Oh, poor poets, us all to be blamed for loving both heat and cold…

    Thank you for your visit.

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  3. I lived in a hot climate for a few years. I liked it at the time, but now I live in an area that gets chilly at night and I like it more. So I know what you mean. Unique take on the sun prompt. I like it. I can feel it.

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