Steps to Summer

Trifextra’s Challenge: Describe your summer in 33 words.

First few weeks

Show ineptitude handling liberty,

Then forget what routine means,

What discipline is.

Then find the happy middle ground:

Write, read, draw,

Make music –

With the piano

And with your soul.

32 comments on “Steps to Summer

  1. There is that pendulum effect, isn’t there? The breaking loose, the pulling back… And just when you’ve found the happy medium, it’s back to school. But summer is a lovely time to make music with your soul, I agree.

  2. That’s it, exactly. That’s precisely what I do, too. The first week or two I live at the beach, stay up way too late, act like a child again. It takes awhile for the novelty to wear off. Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to vote at the end.

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